The Grounds

The Creek

Fishing for memories…a wonderful opportunity to build memories with your kids. Imagine sitting along the edge of our beautiful babbling creek, under the shade of the towering trees, dropping a line in the water, and opening up a world of conversation with your kids far away from the distraction of technology. Or, wading ankle deep, searching under the smooth rocks in the creek shallows, searching for the elusive crawdads! Unwind, relax, and re-connect to nature and each other.

Rich Creek is a bold cool water trout creek that offers fantastic fishing and memory making opportunities for the fishing enthusiasts, both young and old! Beautiful Rick Creek winds its way around the length of the property. Our portion of Rich Creek was once home for a dam for the mill house that was located at the front end of the property. The remains of the dam can still be found in front of The Barn as well as the remains of the raceway. The old millstone now leans on the oak tree in front of the Red Roof Barn.

Old Baptismal

In years gone by, this swimming hole was used by the local churches for Sunday baptisms! Although no longer used as a baptismal, this reflecting pond is a fantastic fishing spot!

The Fishin’ Hole

Bring your fishing poles and bait! Our small, stocked pond, situated at the edge of “The Town” catch and release opportunities for Smallmouth Bass and Bluegills.

Walking Trails

Stroll around our manicured walking trails which are an official Backyard Wildlife Habitat site, certified by the National Wildlife Federation. Entrances to trails are located behind the Creekside Home.

Biking and Hiking Trails

Head up into the back acreage for beautiful hiking trails through the cool shade of the trees. Check out the gravity fed maple lines along the trails.